bearchilde collective

We are bearchilde. We build dreams and visions. We make music, visual art, and installations.

We are musicians, painters, writers, builders, and craftspeople.

The bearchilde core team is

Jess Estes, Tyson Estes, Mary Kirmo, and Rob Waz.  

While we all bring our own unique talents to the collective, the places where we overlap are richly collaborative. Rob’s primary artistic focus is music production and video editing; Mary is a talented seamstress, Jess is a designer/illustrator, and Tyson a builder and abstract artist.

Jess and Rob were in bands, and in a band together, in the early 2000s. After a decade, the two reconnected, and when Jess wrote Salty Cheese Potato Train, she knew the perfect producer was Rob Waz. Rob played the song for Mary, who jumped in to handle marketing, and a collaboration was born. Soon after, Rob recruited Tyson and Jess to help with build, design, and visual components of his 2500 square foot immersive audio-visual art installation, Sound Gestalt, for Burning Man 2020.

(Edit 2/2/2020)

With our grant submitted and Salty Cheese Potato Train a mere 12 days from release, our bearchilde adventures are just beginning. Follow us on social media to keep track of what we’re up to, and for invitations to special events in your city.

Thanks for dropping by, and we look forward to entertaining you.


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