Sound Gestalt

It’s official! In late December, we found out that our initial grant proposal for Sound Gestalt was accepted for Stage 2, which means we made it through the preliminary screening and into the real submission for the honoraria grant from Burning Man (the org). Tyson and Jess spent most of their Christmas break working on the maquette and build budget, while Rob and Mary worked on the grant, itself. We all came together and managed to get all the grant materials in just under the wire on January 21.

For those of you who haven’t been following our Sound Gestalt project on instagram, here’s the skinny. Rob Wax conceived this project, which is an immersive audio visual space for relaxation and exploration. It features a composition made of four parts; each part will be playing in one of four a-frame structures that shoot from a central pavilion, where the entire composition is heard as a single piece. Within the a-frames are four thematic murals, abstract cosmos art, as well as light sculptures and interactive lighting of various types throughout the structure. You can find out more about Sound Gestalt by going to the Sound Gestalt website or following us on Instagram.

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