Dump Trump! A power pop politics play

Dump Trump

Dispatch #46

Dump Trump: it’s a PSA! Our bearbrother ROB WAZ has done it again with another catchy tune.

Who we gonna dump? We’re gonna DUMP TRUMP!

“I’m ready for change and have been inspired by the political awakening happening in America right now calling for social justice and accountability. The lack of leadership that we currently have in the White House is maddening and upsetting.  This upcoming election is crucial, and it’s critical we get out and vote to elect Biden / Harris. The rights of so many people are depending on it.” 
Thank you to all our bearfriends who sent videos to help us put this together! We are extremely grateful to all of you! 
-Rob Waz

Dump Trump: Streaming

Dump Trump is now available on all of the streaming digital platforms for your listening pleasure!



We could not have done this project without the incredible support and participation of our friends. We are beyond grateful to all of you.

In order of appearance:

Rob Wasilauski
Mary Kirmo
Stacy Jackson
Ariel Benson
Kim Mulligan
Alex Platt
Patricia Anderson
Jacqueline Palmquist
Aleyna Stroud
Tyson Estes
Jess Estes
Beth Kashatus-Hampson
Chastain Starlight
Jasmine Moni
Juliet Mothershed
Marcel Daniels


Who we gonna dump
We’re gonna dump Trump
Who we gonna dump
We’re gonna dump Trump
Who we gonna dump
We’re gonna dump Trump
It’s Joe and Kamala time

Verse 1: Got a sophisticated lady who can make up her mind
She’s got plans to fix this mess that’s consuming our lives
If your name is Mike don’t debate her tonight
She’ll call you out on your lies
You gonna look like a child yeah

Verse 2: Stuck in this pandemic no we can’t go outside
Murder in the streets we need peace for black lives
We need a president but all that man does is lie
So Joe is our guy
He’s got Barack on his side

And we’re Sick of the lying and sick of the dying now
Bleach is not a medicine, please retire now
Pack up your hate and take your racist tweets
‘Cause when November 3rd comes you’re fired now

Bridge: Ooh Ooh people are rising Ooh Ooh people are rising Ooh Ooh people are rising Ooh Ooh people are rising up now

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