A mid-pandemic check-in

Abandoned City

Hey. I hope you’re feeling ok, hanging out all alone, holed up in your home, day after day. For such a boisterous bunch of bears as we, I know we’ve seemed pretty quiet since the covid lockdown started. While I’ve felt a strong urge to reach out, write, just say hi, sing a little ditty, … Read more

Plant-based Shareable Valentines

I've only got fries for you

Whether you’re really into ethical sourcing of your food and digital Valentines Day missives, or you just really dig potatoes, these potato Valentines are for you and anyone you love. Enjoy! Click the image to access the full-sized graphic. (Download/save these images and share them, please don’t hotlink)

Sound Gestalt

overhead view

It’s official! In late December, we found out that our initial grant proposal for Sound Gestalt was accepted for Stage 2, which means we made it through the preliminary screening and into the real submission for the honoraria grant from Burning Man (the org). Tyson and Jess spent most of their Christmas break working on … Read more

bearchilde collective


We are bearchilde. We build dreams and visions. We make music, visual art, and installations. We are musicians, painters, writers, builders, and craftspeople. The bearchilde core team is Jess Estes, Tyson Estes, Mary Kirmo, and Rob Waz.   While we all bring our own unique talents to the collective, the places where we overlap are … Read more

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